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We can handle all sorts of agricultural mudjacking & concrete applications, also repair the tired and cracked base of your grain bins!

Mixan Mudjacking Inc

We do a number of bins & silos and slabs in feedlots. We can usually come in and Mudjack your bins & silos without disrupting your operation. Grain bin floors are challenged by the heavyweight of the grain stored inside. They are also less supported as rodents tunnel holes underneath. Help maintain your grain bins by allowing us to fill the voids and help raise and support the concrete slab. This will provide a better storage base for your grain.

By filling in any crack or open area under your floors we can return your bin to a safe and functional storage facility.

Grain bins are a large investment, so don’t jeopardize your bins or silos by overlooking problems that may come up with your foundations, floors, or pads. Fixing voids or settling issues when they are first noticed may save thousands in later fixes. Let us be your partner to solve any foundation, floor problems you may encounter on your farm or feedlot. We’ll do our best to ensure that your grain bin foundation remains strong and functional. Remember, without a solid base many things can go wrong.

Your grain bins are usually floating foundations meaning the foundations don’t go below the frost line. So with this said the bins are much more likely to shift and crack over time, so instead of paying thousands to have a new floor installed, with our specialized equipment we can lift your bin back in place or fill a void due to rodents. This will provide a solid base under your bin floor that will support all of your grain. A 9,000-bushel bin weighs over 500,000 lbs plus the bin and floor, so any part of the floor that isn’t supported with this much weight you can imagine what damage can be done to a floor or bin.

If you are affected by any of these issues, give us a call. We would be happy to provide you with a written proposal for the necessary repairs.

The first set of pictures below are feed bins that had settled over 1 year’s time, due to poor compaction of the soil under the concrete pads. You can see them leaning and putting stress on the tubes that take feed to the hogs. We lifted the bins in the morning and 4 hours later the rancher had the bins filled with feed, we didn’t interfere with the hog operation at all which saved the rancher a lot of time and headaches.


Mudjacking offers additional benefits.

Mudjacking stabilizes the sub-soil, eliminates color differences between old and new concrete and fills the void, eliminating erosion, water penetration, certain foundation leaks, animals, and insects.

What are the savings over concrete replacement?

  • Mudjacking is economical; cost a fraction 1/2 -1/3 of replacement
  • Mudjacking does not affect landscaping (sod will remain in place)
  • Mudjacking area can be used immediately – vehicle traffic 4 to 6 hours
  • Unlike new concrete, mudjacking is not affected by weather
  • Installation takes much less time

The pictures below shows a badly settled grain bin which had settled 6″ and had cracked inside of the bin due to rats tunneling under the floor. We filled voids and lifted the floor back into place stabilizing the concrete, then we caulked all of the cracks.

At Mixan, all of our Mudjacking work comes with a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed Warranty.

We are insured and bonded for all work we do.

Why Choose Mixan?

  • All Work 100% Guaranteed
  • Best Warranty Available
  • We will match or beat anyone’s price
  • No one compares to our customer service workmanship
  • We use the newest, state of the art equipment
  • References available

What do our valued customers say about us?

Mary J. – Driveway

“Thank You so much for the work you did on our driveway, patio and sidewalks, I never thought your company could lift the concrete back to original height, since the concrete sank so bad. And the driveway caulk job you guys did looks amazing. I have to say Mixan Mudjacking is the most honest and polite company I have ever worked with, and I was very impressed on how much knowledge you guys have on

Mary J.
Lincoln, NE