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What is curtain grouting?

Curtain grouting is a process of pressure injection of our polyurethane resins to stop water leaking through cracks or joints in concrete or masonry. The resin will react with water and expand to form a water-tight gasket inside or behind the structure.

The resin will react with water and expand to form a water-tight gasket inside or behind the structure. Curtain grouting is used for manholes, sewer pipes and water pipes, and underground tunnels.

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Leak and Crack Sealing

Polyurethane foam can be very effective in sealing leaking cracks in foundation walls and floors, in both residential and commercial applications. The polyurethane foam is injected from the inside, through the concrete wall, to form a permanent waterproof barrier that adheres to the outside of the concrete wall displacing moisture and water. This method of sealing compared to other methods, in most cases, solves the root cause of the problem by addressing the issue on the outside of the wall rather than only sealing the crack on the inside, which over time may allow water to eventually push through again.

Installation is easy with minimum disruption or mess.

This process is cost-effective, and also adds an insulating value to the wall or floor where foam is added.

Note – Pressure grouting is a process injecting a grout under the ground and into loose soils to solidify and strengthen the foundation soils. The mixture can be injected as deep as 80 feet or more underground. This process can be used to stabilize soil or in some cases to lift structures that have settled.

This process can be used for:

  • Basement walls and floors
  • Parking garages
  • Garage floors
  • Retaining walls
  • Commercial buildings
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Stan and Deb B. – Driveway

“Bob, thanks for coming out to mudjack my driveway and sidewalk. You explained that you could do the driveway, but the sidewalk was too broken up to mudjack, so you offered to replace it. It was very nice to work with your company that offers more than just one service. Thanks again for the great job.”

Stan and Deb B.
Movalley, IA