What is Foundation Piering?

Foundation piering is a method for lifting the foundation of A structure back to a level state.

If your structure is sinking as a result of decay or environmental factors, foundation piering (also called foundation underpinning) may be the solution you need to restore the structural integrity and general safety of your residential home or commercial business. 

When it comes to foundation repair at Mixan Mudjacking, we rely on the most modern equipment available to provide two of the most popular and effective solutions in the industry: resistance piers and helical piles. 

How Are Resistance Piers Used In Foundation Repair?

The installation of resistance piers, also called push piers, is one of the most popular and effective methods for foundation repair. Resistance piers offer a two stage system that is designed to drive load-bearing piers into suitable bedrock and also raise the foundation with the use of a hydraulic lift.

resistance piers being used in foundation repair

With careful guidance from our engineers, we will determine the appropriate depth and number of resistance piers that will be needed to support your structure. 

Our installation team will then drive the pier pipes into the ground one at a time before connecting the manifold to the foundation. The piers are precisely spaced and also carefully tested to a force greater than required to lift the entire structure. Once the piers have been tested and secured, we can manipulate and raise the structure to the desired height. 

Learn more about the installation process of resistance piers by watching this video from our vendor, AB Chance. 

What Are The Benefits of Resistance Piers?

  • Can be installed inside or outside the structure
  • Ideal for lifting heavy objects and structures
  • Closes cracks, stops settlement or ground movement
  • Limited equipment means less environmental disturbance

Equipment Required: Resistance piers, hydraulic jacks

How Are Helical Piles Used In Foundation Repair?

The installation of helical piles is another popular and effective method for foundation repair. 

Due to their helix shape, helical piles are designed to screw into the soil with limited disturbance during installation. Unlike resistance piers, helical piles can be used to lift structures of varying weights, including lightweight structures like pole barns, mailboxes, and feed bins. 

helical piles being used for foundation repair on a grain bin

Following an initial inspection to determine the appropriate measurements and number of helical piles that will be needed, our team will drill into the ground to drive the helicals down to a certain depth. 

After connecting these helical piles to your foundation footing, we can use them to prevent further sinking or even in conjunction with a jack to raise the foundation too. Helicals are installed at intervals along the footing that are determined by the size of the structure and the severity of the repair. 

Learn more about the installation process of helical piles by watching this video from our vendor, AB Chance. 

What Are The Benefits of Helical Piles?

  • Fast installation designed for immediate load bearing
  • Easily modifiable in the field
  • No concrete required for installation?
  • Limited equipment means less environmental disturbance
  • Works on structures near water tables and weak surface soils
  • Great for lifting and leveling pole barns and other lightweight structures

Equipment Required: Helical piles or piers, skid loaders, excavators

How Long Does Foundation Piering Last?

Foundation piering, also called foundation underpinning, is a foundation repair solution that is designed to last up to a century. 

While our vendors guarantee the quality of the equipment we utilize for foundation piering, we also extend a 20 year warranty to all of our foundation repair work. We utilize high quality materials from AB Chance, the only pre-engineered and manufactured underpinning system that has been evaluated by all national building code agencies. 

The durability of foundation piering relies on many factors, including: 

  • Soil Conditions
  • Size of the Structure
  • Quality of the Install

Is Foundation Underpinning Safe For the Environment?

Whether your project calls for the installation of helical piles or resistance piers, rest easy knowing that both of these approaches offer safe and environmentally sound solutions for your foundation repair.

The relative environmental-friendliness of foundation piering is thanks to the design and materials used to construct the piers themselves. The piers are typically made from galvanized steel and their installation does not create significant soil disruption. 

Why Choose Mixan Mudjacking for Foundation Piering?

Our knowledge of foundation repair goes above and beyond what is happening beneath the soil. 
We don’t just have knowledge of how to lift or level a foundation, but also an intimate understanding of how various structures are built and how their foundations are installed. 

We approach foundation problems with a more holistic view than our competitors; examining both the aesthetic implications and the integrity of the structure when planning our work. The skilled technicians on our staff have built homes, covered roofs, installed water lines, poured foundations and laid block work.

With the guidance of our structural engineers, we can anticipate and address problems with confidence before they happen, while ensuring that the interests of the customer are always top of mind. After more than 20 years of experience in the Omaha concrete repair industry, we understand exactly how much our consideration of the finer details contributes to the quality and success of the end result. 

We Make Any Foundation Repairs

Even if Mixan Mudjacking was not responsible for your previous foundation work, we can provide the knowledge and quality guarantee to restore the structural integrity and general safety of your residential home or commercial business. 

Are you looking for a foundation repair company that can get the job done right the first time? Contact Mixan Mudjacking for a free estimate.